Cynthia Howroyd, SLP (c)

  • Autism/Social Communication Therapy
  • Speech Language Therapy
  • Educational Services
  • First Nations


Social Communication

Educational Services

Cynthia is an Autism Clinical Supervisor, and will set up and manage comprehensive programming for your child. Her home programs are designed to improve your child’s social and communication skills.  She will supplement this core program with activities targeting other goal areas when needed, such as behavior, literacy, and speech-language. She can work directly with your child, as well as train and supervise parents or tutors to practice activities at home or school throughout the week.  She also can create a social coaching program that involves siblings or other children.

Besides her training in Speech Language Pathology and Autism, Cynthia has doctoral-level course work in Special Education.  She has extensive experience advising on educational programs for children with special needs and learning disabilities. She also consults with school staff on  educational goals and strategies. Cynthia’s literacy programming is designed to reflect an understanding of your child, as well as the latest research of how children best learn to read, write, and understand what they read.


Speech Language Therapy

Cynthia has 20+ years experience as a Speech Language Pathologist for preschool or school age children.  If you are waiting for public services or wish to supplement existing services, Cynthia can help.  She provides fun weekly sessions to motivate your child to practice sounds, words, or sentence types, to improve there ability to articulate their ideas.

First Nations

Cynthia works on First Nation schools with the help of SLP assistants to support speech-language services in both English and Mi’kmaw. She and her team of Mi’kmaw translators have produced a number of educational materials to support cultural and language learning. Books and language games are currently available in English and Mi’kmaw. To learn more go to apporiastudio.com.

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